AED Program Management & Medical Direction

With a robust national team of AED Medical Directors, comprising various specialties, such as emergency medicine, cardiology, and electrophysiology, Arch Program Management and Medical Direction adds confidence, assurance, and reliability to help keep you CardioReady®. AEDs are the right equipment to deploy in communities across the country and once deployed, maintaining AED legal compliance can be a breeze.

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AED Unit Readiness Checks & Equipment Reminders

To help meet statutory mandates and AED manufacturer’s guidelines, AEDs should be checked at least monthly and documentation of the 30-day readiness check should be recorded. Arch provides a password-encrypted platform to safely store monthly AED checks. With our optional Arch online store, we show you what AED supplies are expiring so you can easily add them to your shopping cart to order. Weekly emails are sent when you have AED supplies expiring to alert you it is time to replace them.

AED Compliance On the Go

You no longer have to walk back and forth between your AED and your workstation to report and record your AED inspections. Nor are you forced to use unverifiable maintenance techniques like “check tags" and paper files. Arch’s Software as a Service (SaaS) program offers the world’s first method of performing mandatory readiness checks on your smartphone! You can use your smartphone to log into Arch to perform readiness checks while in front of the AED, saving you time.

Automatic EMS Registration

Since each county and state in the United States sets their own standards, creates their own registration forms, has their own unique filing protocols, streamlining a national program using the proper documentation can be tough. The more locations and AED units deployed, the more challenging proper registration and documentation requirements become.

We know the requirements. We file the registration paperwork with the local public safety answering point (PSAP) and EMS agency, if needed in your state. Furthermore, since some counties require specific information or a signature, we will reach out to you for this additional information, if needed. Once filed, each AED registration form is saved in your account for future reference with a date stamp of submission date.

AED Program Management: Integrated E-commerce

It is very important that your AED's batteries and electrode pads stay within their usable dates. An AED with expired supplies may not be operational when you need to use it during a rescue. When supplies are nearing expiration, Arch sends an expiration alert email. You can easily replace your expiring AED supplies using our integrated Arch store.