Medical Directors Enabling Life-saving Equipment to Reach Those in Need

Most physicians are well aware of the positive benefits associated with easily accessible, public AED units, however, few understand the integral role they, as Medical Directors, can play in the chain of survival. Virtually all of the AED units on the market today are prescriptive devices and governed by the FDA. Those that do not require prescriptions, such as the Philips OnSite AED, are still classified as "AED units," thus fall under the state statutes in the location for which the unit is deployed. Commonly, state statutes require licensed physicians to provide medical controls of AED units. Thus, a physician’s involvement is critical to the life-saving mission of AED units.

Annuvia offers, perhaps, the largest, most diversely specialized group of medical directors in the AED industry today. By teaming with physicians from all backgrounds, states, and specialties, including emergency medicine, cardiology, and electrophysiology, Annuvia is able to offer confidence to lay rescuers that owning an AED is not only easy, but simply the right thing to do. Rather than focusing on a narrow geography or constrained specialty, Annuvia’s team is able to touch more lives, while helping our clients meet necessary regulatory standards.

While Annuvia currently offers national solutions for your clients, if you‘re a physician, and interested in helping us promote our life-saving mission, please contact us today.