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About Annuvia:

Annuvia was founded by healthcare providers who saw the need for enhanced emergency response training in businesses and the community. With approximately 350,000 people dying of sudden cardiac arrest each year, and bystanders rendering aid less than two-out-of-ten times, we saw an enormous opportunity to save lives, improve workplace safety, and help create safer, more prepared communities.

Annuvia’s staff of experienced healthcare providers offers flexible, yet economical, solutions to businesses, both large and small, communities, and public agencies across the country.

Annuvia streamlines scheduling, order processing, and AED supply replenishment, nationally.

About Oversight:

Annuvia’s vast experience in the field, history of working for many of the leading emergency response organizations in the country, and long-term client-relationships with leading, international organizations, has given us a unique perspective on the problems and challenges facing health and safety professionals today. Leveraging these experiences, combined with Annuvia’s direct ties to the major AED manufacturers and deep-seeded roots to the brightest minds in the Silicon Valley, has enabled Annuvia to create the best, most reliable user-controlled safety management program available.

Arch offers the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) market several “firsts." For instance:

  • Arch is the first to allow users an opportunity to view color-coded status icons on a map, for quick, easy analysis of AED programs
  • Arch is the first to auto-generate EMS forms to ensure AED units are appropriately registered per state statutes. Arch uses the actual forms required by EMS agencies, not the generic forms used by other vendors.
  • Arch is the first AED Oversight program that allows AED owners to fill out one or one thousand EMS forms with the click of a mouse
  • Arch is the first AED Medical Direction program to integrate with e-commerce re-ordering so supplies are always fresh and programs are safe and compliant
  • Arch is the first program to allow users to create their own contact settings

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