Arch was built by some of the Silicon Valley’s most experienced programmers. Our in-house technical talent sets Arch apart from its peers and has revolutionized the way AED owners track, oversee, and manage their defibrillators.

What happens when you combine some of the country’s leading physicians and most sophisticated programmers, the largest AED distributors, and the daily feedback of tens of thousands of AED owners? Arch happens! Check it out today.

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AED Unit Registration

Our goal is a day where every 911 call related to a possible cardiac arrest alerts the dispatch center of the nearest AED. To accomplish this goal, the Arch program works with over 6,500 PSAPs and thousands of EMS agencies to make sure they have the information they want and need. Our proprietary algorithm finds and registers your AED(s) - no matter how many units you have - with the agencies that want this important, life-saving data. Whether it’s a legal requirement in your area or simply just the right thing to do, we register; we file; and save all records online with Arch.

Medical Direction

Automated External Defibrillators are Class III medical devices that require a physician’s approval for ownership (an “AED prescription") and continual oversight to ensure programs are well run and ready in case an emergency strikes. The involvement of an AED medical director can vary by state, but Arch has you covered, no matter where you’re located. Make sure a state-licensed physician oversees your AED units; the role they play is a lot more than just a legal requirement. To learn more about what role Arch’s AED medical directors play in managing and overseeing your AED program, contact us today.

Medical Directors

Customized Reporting

AED unit reporting is frequently required by boards, managers, and other vested parties of an AED unit program. Can you confidently say each of the AED units in your program have supplies that haven’t expired, have all required AED manufacturer updates, haven’t been recalled, and are current on all AED readiness checks? With Arch, determining the status of your global AED program is as simple as clicking on one of our custom reports. Don’t see a report that you need? Create your own by “dragging-and-dropping" the fields you’d like to analyze. Once generated, you can even download our reports to a csv (“Excel") format for easy distribution.

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When you’re the world’s largest Automated External Defibrillator source and you manage more active AED units, for more groups, than any other company in the world, you can do things others can’t. For instance, Arch’s integrated e-commerce solution helps AED owners by cross-referencing the equipment they have with their upcoming expiration dates, for items like electrode pads and batteries, and what we think they need. Then, we fulfill orders, by credit card or purchase order, at the best prices in the world, and ship products on the same day as orders are placed. All orders over $99 receive FREE UPS Ground shipping and, once shipped, all equipment is automatically updated in our customer’s account on Arch. You barely lift a finger and we cover the rest!

Our fulfillment solutions don’t stop with AED owners; they get even better for larger customers and AED distributors. Arch allows our partners to run reports on upcoming needs, plan budgets, and even pre-order supplies, thus locking in HUGE discounts and receiving AED parts before items expire. Just imagine if you had 50 AEDs comprised of different makes and models and with varying expiration dates throughout the year. Arch can ship your equipment, for each AED, exactly when you want it, maximizing the life of your equipment and spending every dollar of your budget as wisely as possible.

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Mobile Management

At Annuvia, we realize that Arch isn’t perfect. That’s why we constantly ask our customers for feedback and strive, each day, to help our customers in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Since no two programs are alike, Arch offers flexibility for programs of all sizes. That’s why we built the world’s first and only smartphone mobile app for AED management, a mobile friendly website for AED program managers that are on the go, and even a sophisticated text-message-based readiness check system.

If you’re responsible for the AED unit at your location and you’re not sitting in front of your computer all day, imagine if you could simply reply “ok" to an automated text message from your cell phone and update your records to meet your firm’s readiness check requirements? You can. Contact Annuvia to learn how and try it today!.

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Even more

The only problem with having so many novel features and making daily updates to the Arch software is that its hard to keep AED owners apprised of what we’ve built and all the ways we can help! For instance, did you know that Annuvia can also provide CPR training for your organization, anywhere in the United States, and that all records we collect, such as participant names, training courses, and dates are automatically uploaded to your account? To learn about this and even more features, call Annuvia today!