Arch Management Team Manage with Confidence

Mike Berg Chief Executive Officer

Mike Berg is the CEO of Allied 100 joining in July 2017 after spending 33 years at Cardinal Health, Allegiance and Baxter across a wide variety of functional areas and various roles.

This includes experience in finance and accounting, customer service, sales management, supply chain and demand planning, logistics, transportation, contract negotiations and general management. He has significant general management experience in the health care space and has been successful in building a customer centric business model that delivers and exceeds on expectations while building organizations through talent and change management. He has a collaborative style and is convinced that deep customer relationships is the key to business success. Mike is actively building and developing the growth strategies that will help differentiate Allied 100 with customers, suppliers, investors and employees.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mike and his wife Nancy both attended Michigan State University where they met and developed an appreciation for higher education and community involvement. Raised as one of ten children, Mike decided to emulate the chaos of that upbringing by having 4 children with his wife Nancy. Mike and Nancy moved recently to Madison, Wisconsin as part of the transition to Allied 100. They have now immersed themselves into the local community and have become fans of the Madison culture. Their four children live across the Midwest and have active schedules balancing family, work and the local community.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Michigan State University.

Mike Birt Vice President of IT

Mike Birt is the Vice President of IT for Allied 100 and is responsible for all technology, software development, security and IT strategies for the company. His industry experience includes global manufacturing, medical devices, healthcare, management consulting and highly regulated environments. Specifically, Mike spent 11 years working for a global AED manufacturer in various roles, including Vice President of IT.

While Mike is a Minnesota native, he is proud to say that he has lived in Wisconsin longer than he has not. When presented with a chance to return to the AED industry with Allied 100 and split time between Allied’s Madison, WI headquarters and the Woodruff, WI call and distribution centers, it was an easy decision.

Mike attended the University of Minnesota – Minneapolis and graduated with a BS in Business Management and English.

Jared Kassien Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jared Kassien is the Chief Supply Chain Officer for Allied 100 and manages the design, development, and maintenance of the company’s information and data warehousing systems.

Jared stopped by Allied 100 to fix a broken hard drive in early 2004 (when the company had only two founders and zero employees), and it feels like he hasn’t gone home since! Starting with the company when it was very small, Jared has performed various roles throughout the organization and has an in-depth understanding of the entire company’s workflow and processes.

Early in his career (and life), Jared started in the retail world by focusing on point of sale solutions for small local businesses, eventually expanding into the ecommerce world. This led to Jared eventually managing an ecommerce store shipping 200 boxes per day (of Beanie Babies®!) in the late nineties, which helped him understand early on how web companies should act to make sure the customer always comes first (especially those crazy Beanie Babies people!)

As Allied has grown, Jared has been involved in developing, maintaining, and now manages all of the IT needs for the company (but luckily has a team of IT employees to help). He also built and performed many of the other roles and processes in the company including customer care, purchasing, warehousing, fulfillment, and accounting, among others. In the few hours of the day Jared isn’t trying to complete just one more project at work, he is a member of many local choral and non-profit organizations.

Amy Herring Arch Product Manager

Amy Herring is the Product Manager for Arch Program Management. She is responsible for the overall vision of the software including feature development and implementation, brand strategy, innovative solutions and success of the product. Amy also helps with large enterprise customer integration. She has worked in the AED industry since 2008 when she started a small AED distribution company called Superior AED. She grew the company for over eight years to manage several thousand AEDs for some of the largest enterprise customers. She has a flair for organization and quality assurance and wants to ensure every AED in the field is always ready to rescue. She is truly dedicated to promoting sudden cardiac arrest awareness and the importance of AEDs. Amy earned her BA degree from UCLA and has always been an entrepreneur, starting up three companies during her professional career.

Although Amy considers work one of her hobbies, she does appreciate time away. She enjoys traveling with her husband and has a goal of visiting all 50 states and 7 continents. Amy loves spending time with her three children, although two are not technically “children” anymore, and finds her relaxation while playing with her two dogs and kayaking on the lake.

Jan Gerritsen Chief Technical Officer

Jan is the Chief Technology Officer at Allied 100.

Originally from the Netherlands, Jan has a MSc. in Computer Science from Radboud University in Nijmegen. He worked as in international project manager for Oce (now part of Canon), travelling all over Europe. He especially enjoyed drinking coffee on the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, wine in Grenoble, and beer on the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. At Oce, Jan received 1 patent in Artificial Intelligence.

Jan moved to the US in 1997. He worked in leadership roles at various startups and public companies, such as Verity/Autonomy (now a part of HP Enterprise). In 2010 Jan joined Annuvia (later acquired by Allied 100) as CTO. He developed Arch, which is now one of the leading AED management platforms.

In his spare time, Jan tries to be a good father to his daughter. He is the volunteer web master for her elementary school. Jan’s most prized possession is his Weber grill.